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  • Total Duct Leakage
  • Duct Leakage to Exterior

Duct Sealing Makes A Big Difference

When your project deadline and budget matters, Aeroseal duct sealing can make a big difference. When code compliance is an issue or qualifying for LEED standards is a goal, aerosealing your ductwork can make all the difference. And when traditional duct sealing methods just don’t cut it and you’re not sure where to turn, Aeroseal technology is the answer.


New Construction

For new construction projects, sealing ductwork with Aeroseal can save time, lower costs and ensure you meet regulatory code compliance for duct leakage the first time around.



For existing structures and retrofit projects, sealing duct leaks with Aeroseal can instantly put thousands of dollars back into your building’s operations budget – and instantly fix other problems too, like uneven temperatures, poor ventilation, persistent mold and noisy HVAC systems.


A Superior Alternative To Manual Sealing

Unlike manual sealing with tape or mastic, Aeroseal technology can quickly find and seal all the leaks – even those hidden under insulation, behind walls or in other hard to access locations. Learn more about this game changing technology developed by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Removing old asbestos lined ducts can be a hazardous, time consuming procedure. By aerosealing the leaks in the ductwork, you eliminate the hazard of spreading asbestos and other harmful particulates throughout the environment. It’s simply a faster, simpler and less expensive way to go.

Air Seal Solutions Corp. provides a breakthrough duct sealing technology that offers engineers, building contractors and property owners a fast, safe and highly effective way to seal duct leaks – all duct leaks – even those hidden under insulation, behind walls, or in other hard to access areas.

If your building includes older asbestos lined ductwork, aeroseal provides a highly effective means of ensuring asbestos and other contaminants are not spread throughout the building via leaks in the ductwork. Aerosealing has proven to be a effective and cost-efficient alternative to total asbestos abatement.

In most cases, aeroealing a structure can stop most if not all of the leakage, saving property owners 30 percent or more on a typical heating or air conditioning bill. Users often find that the savings they get from sealing their ductwork pays for the cost of aerosealing in less than three to five years – that’s about 23 times faster than upgrading windows; 30 times faster than insulating walls.