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Central US – 2 Story, Residential

Location – Central US

  • City: Austin
  • State: Texas
  • Square Footage: 1238
  • Home Age: 21 Years

Home Symptoms

  • Rooms difficult to heat
  • High utility bills
  • Signs of fireplace backdrafting

Ductwork Leakage

  • Before Aeroseal: 749 cfm
  • Equivalent to Hole: 142 sq.in.
  • After Aeroseal: 34 cfm
  • Equivalent to Hole: 6 sq.in.
  • Duct Leakage Reduction: 95%
  • HVAC Capacity Improvement: 42%
  • Annual Energy Savings: $213

Heating and Cooling System

  • Heating System: Gas Furnace – 72,000 BTU
  • Cooling System: Split 36,000 BTU
  • Age of System: 2 Years

Aeroseal® duct sealing has sealed and improved ductwork in over 75,000 homes across the United States and Canada. Energy savings and duct leakage are a function of many factors, such as state building codes, age of the property, type of ductwork, energy rates, heating and cooling system efficiency, the number of cooling or heating days and many others.

The following are actual Aeroseal duct sealing results in real homes in different parts of the country. While individual homeowner’s results and savings may vary, this could be your home.


Case Study 1

Region: West (California)

Type: Single Story Business Building

Date of Construction: 1988

Case Study 3

Region: West (California)

Type: 2 Story Residential Home

Date of Construction: 1942

Case Study 4

Region: East (South Carolina)

Type: 2 Story Residential Home

Date of Construction: 1968



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